You can set a meeting by calling on 2165 1334 or by email on info@lecolemalta.com.
Yes, L’Ecole forms part of the Free Childcare Scheme. All our Centres are registered as part of the Free Childcare Scheme. One can also apply by fee when the Free Childcare Scheme does not apply.
Anyone that lives and works in Malta may benefit from the Free Childcare Scheme if they are employed or studying. Terms and conditions apply (https://jobsplus.gov.mt/fileprovider.aspx?fileId=30855).
Yes, there is a one-time, non-refundable registration fee when applying with L’Ecole. This has to be paid upon enrolment to secure place for the child.
Yes, however, we will be closed for a number of days during Christmas time and for a week summer break in August as well as public holidays/bridge holidays. The annual holiday list will be handed out upon enrolment.
We cater for ages from 3 months to 3 years.
Children born between 1st January till 30th April, will start Kindergarten in February. The Free Childcare Scheme will then automatically be terminated by end January before. Children born between 1st May till 31st December, will start Kindergarten in October. The Free Childcare Scheme will then automatically be terminated by end September before. The child may continue attending L’Ecole till the end of January or end of September.
No, each parent has to provide their children with food and drink from home.
No pushchairs are allowed in our centres, both for hygienic and space consuming purposes.
One may start the child for an hour or two for the first days, then gradually increase the hours by time. We will be in contact with the parents in case the child doesn’t want to settle in.